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If you provide us with you name & address, you may receive catalogues & mailings from us informing you of products and promotions we have at that time. If you do not wish to receive mailings from us, please notify us either by phone, e-mail or by mail at the address above. We do not sell, share or distribute your name & address, period.

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If you provide us with your phone or fax numbers, we may contact you at a given time to discuss a pending order, or a particular issue. We do not sell, share or distribute your phone or fax numbers, period.

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If you provide us with your e-mail address, you may receive e-mail notifications of either information about a pending order or about current specials we have going at that time. We do not sell, share or distribute your e-mail address to anyone, period. Busy Bee Tools will NEVER send you an email requesting you to validate your credit card number. If you do receive an email that appears to come from Busy Bee Tools and has this type of information, please email us at immediately and delete the e-mail right away.

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At Busy Bee Tools, we want to make your experience on our web site as enjoyable as possible. We use “cookies” to help keep track of your choices and selections on our web site, so that it can give you the most enjoyable and smoothest shopping experience possible. A “cookie” is a small text file saved to your computer which helps identify progress made on e-commerce web sites. We do not sell, share or distribute this information, period.
From time to time, we may collect other automatic information about your use of our Site such as geographical location, time of visit, browser type, operating system and IP address in efforts to research and provide our customers with better online services. We do not sell, share or distribute this information, period.

While we strive to provide a fully secure and safe, no data transmission over the internet can be 100% secure. We will do our best to protect your personal information but we cannot ensure the security of any information you transmit over our Site. We may change, or alter our privacy policy at any time without notice.

If you believe that our website has collected incorrect information or if you would like to dispute any information, please contact us using the address below.

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